Correspondence Project

We would like to invite you to participate in an exciting new exhibition and catalog entitled Postage and Handling Included. Here’s the scoop…
The Archives of the Eternal Network intends to exhibit its mail art holdings from the permanent collection and has created a local community initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to serve as an adult and after school arts and communications program for high school students in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This will provide students with a hands on arts program and an internship at the museum archives. The emphasis is on creativity, artistic enjoyment and getting connected to and knowing the international network of artists who send art to each other through the mail. Students will be surrounded by thousands of works of art and have access to our art library. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in multiple international exhibitions over the course of the year.

Through the Postage and Handling Included exhibition, students will be taught basic art skills for creating and documenting mail art which will be sent out to mail artists around the world. As responses come back from artists, students will study incoming works and be taught archival and curatorial skills to document and publish the incoming works on the show’s exhibition blog and learn how to create and publish a physical catalog. Students will then participate in the planning, installation and publicizing of the physical exhibition at the Archives of the Eternal Network here in Santa Fe.

All contributions to this exhibition will be documented, exhibited, published and become part of the permanent collection of the Archives.

Deadline for participation is April 20th, 2015


1925 Rosina Street Suite C
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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